Why I Review Books!

I have always been passionate about reading and writing for as long as I can remember.  I remember the first time I picked up a book by Stephen King - The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - and finished the book in 2 days.  At the end of it, I thought the back of the book, the... Continue Reading →

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What She Gave Up

I saw her for the first time 3 days ago. Since then, I have not stopped following her. I did not realize 10 years ago when I thought I could not care for a child what my reaction would be if I ever saw her again. Now I know. It is regret. She is 10... Continue Reading →

A Difficult Choice

People my age love Hallowe'en. The age where your old enough not to have to go out trick or treating with your parents, but young enough to go to a party. I do not enjoy Hallowe'en. This is the same time of year I am visited by unholy spirits, and I don't mean the ghost... Continue Reading →


I have been stranded on this boat in the middle of nowhere. Hearing things, seeing things that cannot be. I see my wife floating in and out of my sight; I believe she is trying to make me go mad. Does she not know her death was an accident? That she is the reason I... Continue Reading →

End of Days – Part 6

“MATTHEW I HAVE TO HELP GET YOU OUT FROM UNDER THERE, THE WHOLE PLACE IS FALLING APART,” her fear was mounting.  How could he expect her to stay under here when he was being crushed?  His leg would have to be broken after that.  What if something else falls from the ceiling, higher than his... Continue Reading →

Rear View Mirror

Happy Monday Everyone!! Despite the story I wrote below, I had a good Monday!! 🙂 When I have a rough day, nothing calms me more driving aimlessly for hours.  Well, today being a rough day is an understatement; today was a day from hell.  I walked in on Carrie in bed with another man.  It... Continue Reading →

Left Behind

Cass was watching TV in the living room.  Justin, her older brother, had been acting so strange for the past couple of weeks.  Cass and Justin's mother was convinced he was convinced.  Cass just thought she was being overly paranoid.  Meredith claimed that she saw Justin talking to the corner of his wall when he... Continue Reading →

Tonight is the Night

It's almost midnight and I am still awake.  Sleep has never been an option ever since the first day I was kidnapped.  I am so, so cold.  There is nothing but cement walls on all four sides of me and no bed.  I have spent so many days down here is this hard, cell-like basement... Continue Reading →

End of Days – Part 5

With the power still out when they got out of the shower, they decided they would go lay in bed and talk.  “Do you ever notice that even after four years, we still can’t get enough of each other?  From what I hear, other couple’s grow bored of sex with the same person for that... Continue Reading →

Last Memory

One look. That was the last thing I remembered. Her eyes on me as I let go of the edge. She begged me not to go but I told her life was not worth living without her. She lied to try and keep me from falling, telling me we would pretend nothing had happened and... Continue Reading →

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